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Why Home Birth?

September 28, 2020

Why home birth?

I recently gave birth at home in an inflatable pool to a healthy baby boy named Skye.

I originally planned to give birth in a hospital. But the pandemic pushed me to find out what my other options were. Why did it seem like giving birth at home could be such a spiritual, intimate, beautiful experience and yet society portrays it to be so taboo? Midwifery existed during ancient times, women have been giving birth naturally since the creation of Eve. Then why isn’t it widely accepted?

As long as you prepare for it, have an accredited team, take all the necessary precautions and have a backup plan, why not give it a try?

From my experience, the beauty of giving birth at home is that you are in total control of your body. You’re free to move around, scream, bathe and eat and do whatever you want, whenever and however–it’s your home! I wasn’t afraid to eat (although I didn’t have much of an appetite and I ended up puking it out, anyway) because it’s so much easier to pee and poo in the comfort of your own bathroom. Actually, even though my room was like a spa filled with candles, flowers, etc., I ended up spending A LOT of time in the bathroom. YOU get to decide what works for YOU.

You don’t need to be shy.

Try different positions, scream in agony, whatever. You do you, momma. I was crawling in pain, moving from the pool to the bed to the floor—wherever I felt comfortable in that moment. I even had French café music playing in the background. BECAUSE I WANTED TO. No one dictated my movements, and that allowed me to freely follow my instincts.

Another benefit is that you don’t have to worry about what time is the “right time” to leave for the hospital.

I kept track of my contractions on an app and when it alerted me to go the hospital, I messaged my doula and midwife. All I had to do was focus on dealing with the contractions while my husband filled up the inflatable pool in our room.

You decide who you want to be with during labor.

Unlike the current situation in hospitals where you can’t have company. My husband and doula massaged my lower back in between contractions for hours.  I can’t imagine going through all that pain on my own, it was absolutely excruciating! But my husband and my team supported me all the way to the finish line. My family and friends even came over after and we had a small celebration to welcome Skye.

There’s a possibility the water can help prevent tearing.

I really feel the reason that I didn’t tear was because of the water, it helped slide Skye out during my last few pushes.

I felt so empowered after. I’m sure this goes for every mom who has given birth, regardless of how they did it. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in life and I felt like I won an Olympic gold medal when my baby finally came out.

It isn’t for everyone.

I was 100% committed to my decision and did months of preparation. I watched lots of videos on YouTube, documentaries, read successful birth stories and a hypnobirthing book. I also took online birthing classes. Educating myself really helped lessen the fear.  

Be positive, whatever the outcome.

There are scenarios where things don’t go as planned, or the pain is too much to bear, but it’s good to be open and optimistic regardless. Even though I screamed for hours because of the pain, I never cursed or said things like “Hindi ko na kaya” because I didn’t want to instill that in my mind. I kept telling myself that “This too shall pass” and that my body was created to give birth. If you have a back-up plan and your home birth doesn’t push through, that’s okay.  Be open to what comes and remember that God still holds the reigns.