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My Secret for Boosting Milk Supply

September 28, 2020

Since I started breastfeeding, I’ve found myself so wrapped up in it. Before and after giving birth most of my supplements were related to helping boost my milk supply (like malunggay and my placenta capsules) My baby was practically glued to my boob 24/7 for 2 months straight and I felt so drained.

The problem was I’d try to pump milk while he’d be sleeping so that I could have time for myself, but then he’d wake up hungry and when I’d nurse him he’d cry and cry because there’d be no milk left. So I’d feed him what I had just pumped. This was a constant cycle until I started reaching out to friends asking for milk so that I’d have time to create a supply for my baby.

Slowly I was able to build it up (with the help of very generous donors namely Iya Villania, Luane Dy and Karren Aguas), but I still struggle sometimes.  To make my life easier I’ve started supplementing with formula (only when necessary) just to let the pressure off, knowing that my baby won’t starve if I’m unable to produce milk or ask from others.

That said, apart from eating lactation goodies (some of my favorites include Ava’s Kitchen lactation spreads & Milking Bombs by ABC) I’ve also been drinking smoothies that would help me out in that department and I’d love to share with one of my super easy recipes with you! ☺️

#MyBoobieSmoothieRecipe is now up on my YouTube Channel - try it out and let me know what you think mamas! 🐄